February 25, 2012

Reality check

A friend from the mission (2005-2006) tagged me in a picture on Facebook today and I didn't realize how heavy I was on the mission. I never weighed myself on the mission (and even if I had, they don't have scales that do pounds so I would have never would have known what it meant anyway), but I remember when I got home weighing in at 190 at my heaviest. (did I seriously just post that on my blog?)

And now it's 5 years later, I did actually loose wight for my wedding in August 2010, to which I am really proud of myself. I really made some lifestyle changes. I changed my diet, worked out every day and I was really dedicated.

Just home from Mission.                    Wedding day.

And these past few months with a busy life, school, work and whatever else, I've allowed myself to slack. I scale doesn't say I've put on a ton of weight back on, but I can see it in my face.

So the mission pictures is a great motivation and reminder that I need to take the time to eat right and exercise. I recently bought a stationary bike and I can't let it go unused. I'm grateful for this wonderful reminder. Thanks to the internet for keeping me accountable.

Taken last week

Clearly I need to stop making excuses and just do it! I'm off to get on that bike now!

What are some healthy tips that are working for you? Leave a comment with what has worked for you.