July 26, 2010

last minute things...

Well, the wedding is in 2 weeks from YESTERDAY! (Well it was when I started this post. Now it's a week from Sunday!!) I can hardly stand it! The anticipation is killing me, but I am grateful there is still time because there is so much to do! (Not really, but I feel like there is)...like these TAN LINES that I can't get to go away!!

Ben is filling his time with studying for his final that is this Saturday.
I have been filling my time with errands, Errands, ERRANDS!!

I can't believe all the little stuff that needs to get done. Like ribbon for the card holder, buying the 3rd pair of shoes for Ben. (The 13s and 14s didn't fit) so I had to order the 15s....Let's remember this is the 2nd time I've had to order them. Today I ran (literally, so I could fit in some physical activity) to find a restaurant for the rehearsal dinner. I booked the Pier cafe that is right on the water. (let's face it, everything about this wedding is on the water) The manager is super willing to work with me, will seat us wherever is convenient for us (others wouldn't). Everything about it is perfect, fun, and easy!

Who ever thought you would need a honeymoon swimsuit, but when I found it I knew I had to have it! I never thought I'd be posting a photo of myself in a swimsuit, but look how darling this is! Helloooo Mazatlan!

Writing a few days later...
Since this post didn't get finished I might as well add onto the odd and ends that I've been doing.

The last few days have consisted of living at Kinko's. I've been there 5 times because something was misspelled, wrong last name, double line, too small...ya know...editing stuff. And thank goodness the Kinko's guy has a crush on me because he didn't make me pay.

I love how the placement tags turned out!!
Doesn't that name have a nice ring to it?

The programs

I've been gluing away and just ran out of super glue (hence why I'm blogging). I knew I wanted programs but didn't know how I wanted to present them. My girlfriend went to a wedding recently and they had the programs as fans. How brilliant is that! A program AND it's useful! And it's cute...

Another thing we hadn't anticipated, and it's a week before the wedding...Ben's ring just arrived in the mail from China (well from Utah. because I accidentally sent it to Utah first...oops) and it's...TOO BIG!
Way too big!

Now we're on the search for a plastic filler and we will ship it back after the wedding for a different size.

Ben modeling his ring. He had requested an all onyx ring. It's pretty studly!

Now it's time to go to the gym, more super glue...and keep making these programs! Good thing it's a small wedding and I don't have to do 100s of these...phew!


July 9, 2010

How I do a wedding...

Sooo my friend suggested I blog about the wedding plans. Soo here is a quick run down!

We are getting married on 8/8/2010
We chose that date because it's absolutely perfect! I had posted earlier about the meaning of the number 8, it is all about eternity, never ending, abundance. The endless loops signify an infinite flow of....and you fill in the blank! And since it's double it's even more powerful!

The wedding ceremony and reception will be on this:
When someone suggested a yacht I just laughed but when I looked into it, it had all of my requirements. Which were, I didn't want to do anything. I basically wanted to hire a wedding planner/coordinator without hiring them...and that's exactly what they did for me! EVERYTHING is included!! Well, almost everything...

We have invited a small group of our closest friends and family will be sailing around the San Diego Harbor from 12-4. Afternoon wedding, short, sweet, and absolutely perfect!
The sail will include hors d'oeuvres and champagne, followed by the ceremony on the bow. They will then seat us for lunch and then we will cut the cake and have an afternoon dance party!
Doesn't it sound charming?

The beautiful cake I've chosen:

I copied it from a friend's wedding. We won't be having the top tier, and ours will have pink roses and calla lilies on the top and side.
I'm still on the hunt for the perfect ribbon.
The bottom tier will be carrot cake with cream cheese filling
The top tear will be a soft, spongy white cake with raspberry filling.
Mmmm mmm!

Speaking of Roses. We will have the Armageddon rose:
they are kind of a coral color.
and combined with mini calla lilies.

I don't want to give away the my whole wedding dress ensemble so I won't be included a pic of me IN it...but here are the details.

I'll be wearing this:

After the ceremony I'll probably take the veil off and put a cute pink flower in my hair...we'll see.

Some of these:
and this:

And these:

Well I'll be wearing the front ones. but the back ones are equally amazing!

Ben will be wearing a dark brown 3 piece suit
(I still have to find the vest...uhh)
Oh and I have to find Ben shoes (size 14!!!)
a tie
cuff links

I kind of waited until the last minute (month) for him...
but who knew his stuff would be so difficult?
Ben requested a solid black stone ring.
I've found this black agate ring that is amazing. Just waiting for the supplier to tell me if they have the right size.

Cool Black Agate jade ONYX Band Ring / <span class=

I am flying in our photographer from Utah. The amazing (recently engaged) Miss Brooke Kinsey with Blush Photography

I found these cute little place card holders that will act as party gifts and people can take them home for photo holders or something...something to remember our wedding by.

We will be heading to this beautiful land of Mazatlan Mexico for a wonderful week long honeymoon filled with authentic food, surfing, salsa classes, margaritas, laying by the pool and endless adventures and exploring the city! I can hardly wait!

Doesn't it sound amazingly romantic?? I know! And I get to do it all with my wonderful honey and partner! I can hardly wait!!

He's the most amazing man! He's perfect for me and I finally convinced him to marry me...haha I'm only kind of kidding...
He's SMART! ambitious, FUNNY, tall, and handsome! Who couldn't ask for more??