October 1, 2009

tribute to a friend in photos

One of my bffs, Aaron came into town from Arizona last weekend and we had a lot of fun doing a photo shoot in downtown San Diego.
Our weekend was full of laughing, talking until the wee hours of the night,
enjoying a bottle of wine together, the beach.... and the only photos we got were these...
and they are good!

You know those kinds of friends who are up for anything? And always enjoy the ride...?

Those friends who will break into forbidden places just to get an awesome photo... and wave at the pass-er-by-ers who giggle at us...

Or those friends who know you inside and out. Who don't have to say a word, you just know by the look....

You know what I'm talking about.
Friends who will celebrate your successes
and will laugh about your mess-ups.

The friend who will watch YouTube with you all night long on a Saturday night...

That friend who you haven't seen in 2 years, but the fun always
picks up where you left off.

The friend who motivates you to run. Who is running a Marathon in December
and you almost consider running it with him.
Or maybe I'm just competitive...

And my favorite photo of the whole shoot.
I can just feel his sweet, fun, loving energy poring out of this photo.

Aaron is all that and more. He is my soul brotha who will never leave, but will always
be there with me.
I definately know we made a contract to be best friends.
Since 8th grade!

Love you Aaron!

And of course I had to post it with a different texture to it...Love!

And the photographer in all her glory!
We had gone down the wrong stairwell, and they were the kind where one set
went to the evens and the other side went to the odds. Weird. I know.
And we went down the wrong one! And I was wearing a dress, and had to hurtle myself
between the two railings...and this is the product of it!


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