July 26, 2010

last minute things...

Well, the wedding is in 2 weeks from YESTERDAY! (Well it was when I started this post. Now it's a week from Sunday!!) I can hardly stand it! The anticipation is killing me, but I am grateful there is still time because there is so much to do! (Not really, but I feel like there is)...like these TAN LINES that I can't get to go away!!

Ben is filling his time with studying for his final that is this Saturday.
I have been filling my time with errands, Errands, ERRANDS!!

I can't believe all the little stuff that needs to get done. Like ribbon for the card holder, buying the 3rd pair of shoes for Ben. (The 13s and 14s didn't fit) so I had to order the 15s....Let's remember this is the 2nd time I've had to order them. Today I ran (literally, so I could fit in some physical activity) to find a restaurant for the rehearsal dinner. I booked the Pier cafe that is right on the water. (let's face it, everything about this wedding is on the water) The manager is super willing to work with me, will seat us wherever is convenient for us (others wouldn't). Everything about it is perfect, fun, and easy!

Who ever thought you would need a honeymoon swimsuit, but when I found it I knew I had to have it! I never thought I'd be posting a photo of myself in a swimsuit, but look how darling this is! Helloooo Mazatlan!

Writing a few days later...
Since this post didn't get finished I might as well add onto the odd and ends that I've been doing.

The last few days have consisted of living at Kinko's. I've been there 5 times because something was misspelled, wrong last name, double line, too small...ya know...editing stuff. And thank goodness the Kinko's guy has a crush on me because he didn't make me pay.

I love how the placement tags turned out!!
Doesn't that name have a nice ring to it?

The programs

I've been gluing away and just ran out of super glue (hence why I'm blogging). I knew I wanted programs but didn't know how I wanted to present them. My girlfriend went to a wedding recently and they had the programs as fans. How brilliant is that! A program AND it's useful! And it's cute...

Another thing we hadn't anticipated, and it's a week before the wedding...Ben's ring just arrived in the mail from China (well from Utah. because I accidentally sent it to Utah first...oops) and it's...TOO BIG!
Way too big!

Now we're on the search for a plastic filler and we will ship it back after the wedding for a different size.

Ben modeling his ring. He had requested an all onyx ring. It's pretty studly!

Now it's time to go to the gym, more super glue...and keep making these programs! Good thing it's a small wedding and I don't have to do 100s of these...phew!


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