November 4, 2010

Healthy train

Sooo.... I'm kind of a health nut. Ben and I became vegetarians a little over a year ago and I love it. And in that transition I took on more vegetables (I say this because most vegetarians grasp for carbs). I've learned a whole new way to cook, I subscribed to an amazing magazine. I love it. So much variety and with normal every day foods. Health train = me! I lost a bunch of weight, was working out every day, feeling GREAT about life! I felt skinny and beautiful on my wedding day...




What is wrong with me? I know how to eat right. I know what is good for me and what makes me feel good. But all I want is In-n-out grilled cheese (God's gift, in case you're wondering), Diet Dr. Pepper, chips, cheese, cookies, ICE CREAM!! And then I feel like crap after. Sometimes I don't cave into the cravings, anddd.. sometimes I do. I feel like the caving into cravings happens more than not. And after I feel horrible. I get headaches, I beat myself up. I know it's all a mind game... so why do I do it?? Why do I cave when I KNOW it's going to make me feel horrible?

And have I mentioned I don't want to work out??

Is all of this happening because I'm in school and super busy? Um hello? No! You have to eat while you're in school and it's just as easy to eat healthy as it is to stop at in-n-out on the way home. I know I don't work out as often because of time. But time isn't an excuse to not eat healthy. I have class 3 times a week at 9am. So I committed to work out at 7am those mornings. I do it about 1x a week. Yeah... not so good at that.

Uh... So there is my rant.

I don't have the answers yet. Other than to just STOP eating crap. But I've already told myself that and then Halloween came and my neighbor brought over candy.

Soo... I take it one day at a time. I'm committing to eat healthy tomorrow and work out in the morning. Crap - it's Friday tomorrow. Friday is date night. Ugh... Maybe we'll go to Tender Greens.

My positive affirmations: I am healthy. I am skinny. My body is beautiful. I don't need to eat food that isn't good for my body. My hair is growing long and healthy.

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Jessica GaleForce said...

I love crap. I envy you for having that kind of control. I love meat, I love eggs, I love cheese & milk. Those are staples of the Gale Fortress Diet Lol. You're amazing!

I am not opposed to trying vegetarian meals. But I think I would have a hard time dropping out all of those tasty from my diet.

I know you make alot of shakes. What is are the top 5 shakes you make. Do you use a blender or a juicer?