July 17, 2011

A 'real' beach

The good looking man I spend most of my time with suggested we go on a date to the beach.
A "real" beach is what he wanted.
We normally go to Ocean Beach and he wanted a different flavor.

"You know, a real beach, like Pacific Beach"
Because Ocean Beach isn't a real beach at all.
So off to Pacific Beach we went.

My hot date

Trying to teach him to have me in focus instead of the ocean. This is progress.

Surfer walking through my sunset shot turns into a great photo
We had a great time snuggling on the beach, watching cute kids play frisbee in their swimsuits
and swatting the flies away.
I always have the best date ever.

2 blurbs:

Sarah H. said...

Those are amazing photos. I wish I lived closer to a beach, it looks like you had a fun date.

kenna said...

that picture is perfection.