May 29, 2012

Without you

I only have to make one side of the bed...but that means you weren't there next to me.
I can watch whatever I want...but that means you weren't there to watch it with me.
One cooked meal that used to be shared between us has turned into 3 meals for just me...
because you weren't here to eat it with me.
I only did one load of laundry this week...but that means you weren't here with me.
Yesterday was your birthday and I texted you all the special things I was doing just
for your special day...but that means I did them without you.
Yesterday you went and got a special birthday Frosty....but without me.
 I parked your car right under our window so I can always see it. It's covered in leaves,
dirt and rain drops....all reminders that you're not here to drive it.
I climbed up on the desk to pull the big plant down to water it...which means
you weren't here to pull it down for me.

I miss you my sweet.
You're where you're supposed to be, and I'm where I'm supposed to be.
Everything is perfect and I get to see you in a month.
I love you.

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michael morrow said...

lovely writing jude