November 27, 2009


Ben and I started off our Thanksgiving running the Long Beach 5k Turkey Trot! I loved it!
The last 5k I ran was a year ago and I didn't prepare at all! (not a good idea)
After the run, my muscles froze up and I wasn't able to move or walk for a long time.

This time around, I decided to train and prepare.
Brilliant, I know.
I was running about 2.5 miles a couple of times a week but 2 weeks before the run I got a horrible cold and wasn't able to run because I couldn't breath.
And then I went to Utah for a week and didn't run at all there either.
Needless to say I was slightly worried about the Turkey Trot and didn't want to have the same results as I had before.
Surprisingly, it went really well!! We both ran most of it, and I think I ran it faster than the last! I'm feeling great and we had a fun time, and a great photographer to document!

Grateful for health and support.

Grateful for where we live.
We ran along the Long Beach boardwalk.

We spent out Thanksgiving with my Auntie Carolyn at Kate and Gabe's. Kate and my mom have been friends since high school!
It has been so enjoyable to get to know these people as an adult.

Grateful for family, friendship and music.
Carolyn and Kate sight reading a duet.

Grateful for celebration.

Thanksgiving day also happened to be on Sara's 25th Birthday!
I know it's out of focus, but I still love it.
My mom told me today that Kate told her she was pregnant with Sara when my mom was in labor with me at the hospital.

Grateful for companionship.
(These are the flowers he gave me when I got home from Utah)

Carolyn let me barrow 2 of her lenses AND a tripod.
So I've spend my Black Friday experimenting! :)

Grateful for girly, pretty things.
These are a few of my favorite things.

Grateful for over 2 wonderful years with him.

Grateful for exploring new ideas.

Grateful for all good things.

I'm going to attempt to make Thanksgiving dinner for me and Ben this weekend. I will document.

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