December 7, 2009

Today is a perfect day to blog. It is rainy and quiet. I time to reflect and remember.

I came home from Utah to a wonderful man and a bottle of this:

He surprised me with a bottle of one of my favorite wines.
He said "I was going to make you a huge sign but I couldn't find paper big enough, and then I remember that I have horrible hand writing".
A bottle of wine and yellow daisies are perfect, love!

December 28
The best Auntie let me borrow 2 lens' AND a tripod!!
I've had so much fun experimenting and playing.

I put up our Christmas tree and had a heyday with the tripod!

December 1
I decided to make my own Christmas cards this year.
I had a lot of fun painting and being creative. I've since made a total of 3 batches.
I can't get enough of it!

Somehow my ninja angel was the focus in the pictures and I didn't notice until after. haha

December 3
My brother made his way down to San Diego for a visit.
He refers to himself as a "street kid".
I learned the proper term while he was here. Never refer to a kid who travels the freight trains, and moves from city to city as "homeless".
What we know a "homeless" people are in fact "home bums": old, lazy people who stay in one place and don't do anything for themselves. (according to Rob)

I picked him up with his friend Boston, who is from Massachusets.
I learned what Mass-hole" means.
Sometimes from Massachusets. Brilliants. I know.

Robbie was trying to get rid of him and told him we could only give him a ride to Ocean Beach but he wasn't welcome to stay with us (me).
He takes things. Michele offered to give "them" (meaning Robbie) a pack for the dog and Boston's response was "Heyy cool thanks!" and picked it up for himself. I think he soon felt bad (and realized it wouldn't fit his dog) and gave it to Rob. I was glad! Or I would have whipped out my Mass-hole on him.

Boston giving a toast.

He liked to put his nasty beard in his mouth when he talked, he was very eager to tell us about all the women he has slept with on the streets, and their ages.

This amazing couple let Hank, Rob's dog stay with them. They have a yard and 2 other dogs and gave him a fun place to play. Even though he tore up their seat cushions that were out there...

December 4th

Robbie getting some much needed sewing in, with dental floss.
He sported Ben's Turkey Trot very well.

When I offered to wash his clothes, he refused.
For one, if washed they would either come out in scraps, or be close to it.
For two, "Stinkiness is good on the road, it gives you credibility".
Spoken from a true "street kid" himself.

We had some deep, heartfelt talks. Some that brought up a lot of emotions for me, and helped me understand him more.

December 5th

Looking exactly like Uncle Jack here in his new hat.
He was such a good sport in letting me take his picture and try new things out.

And 2 days later he was back on his journey.
I drove him 50 miles out side of San Diego to a rest stop so he could try and hitch a ride. I haven't heard from him and it's been raining, alot.

All I can do is send him love and angels.
This is his journey, not mine.

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Jessica GaleForceOne said...

Wow! Your brother is crazy spirited to travel the country like that! I am sure its hard and equally amazing the things you get to see. But dang thats scary!

What is the deal with his travel companion..yikes watch out. Five-finger discount lolz