December 15, 2009

December 14
Big B finished his first semester of law school today!!
He feels really good about his finals and I already know he did great! He is a brilliant man and sometimes I have to say "Can you say that in non-lawyer terms?"
My cutsie little brain sometimes doesn't understand.

To celebrate we went here:
We have some veggie friends who told us about it.
This was our first time since being "veggies", trying a vegetarian restaurant.

And let me tell you that we LOVED IT!!
and really any dine out with him is enjoyable.

The restaurant was so cute and eclectic.
Of course we enjoyed our time in our own conversation, but also listening to the overly passionate man (who was on a date) talk to the hostess about diesel fuel and gasoline. Meanwhile his date was texting...

Of course like any great "one of a kind" restaurant, this was a "hole in the wall" one.
It was the only store on the longg street with lights on, and we were the only ones there (at 8pm) but were soon joined by the "regulars".

So if you'll excuse us, we are going to enjoy our veggie burgers now...

And here is to many more successful semesters of law school!

P.S. Don't let B get the "daily side salad" which turned out to be curried apple and potato salad.
You will be awakened in the middle of the night waving your hand in front of your face (in your sleep) by the dead cat fart smell.
During dinner he would take a bite and say "this is just to much. too much curry." while taking another bite...

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