January 24, 2010

my life in photos

so maybe I'm to lazy to take my super-duper nice, big camera with me everywhere I go... so I take iphone photos.
So here is my last week in photos - iphone photos. Nothing fancy. just expression and documentation.

On my way home from the gym.
it was dry when I went in. I was there an hour.
it was poring when I walked home.
We've been experiencing massive amounts of rain. I like to call it "river rain" or "loud rain".
It's so loud on our flat roof. I feel like I have to yell at Ben for him to hear me.

Floating Beer
This is probably 2 feet deep. How perfect is the floating beer can?

Fridge magnetI've felt inspired this week. Thanks Gandi for your wise words.
Thai food does change my life.

Ants. Again.
This is the second time since moving to California that we've had ants. And we're the only ones in the complex (or so they say). What is wrong with us?
This time they are in our bedroom. Perfect. Apparently they like essential oils. They used my book ("Three Cups of Tea") that was leaned against the wall as their bridge to get to my nightstand.
Brilliant neighbor gave us some raid. They were dead in seconds.

KaleI have a new obsession with Kale. It's delightful and full of healthiness.
I'm changing my lifestyle (beside the frozen yogurt that sent me to Utopia last night.) in the food I put into my body and the way I exercise. I'm seeing results and loving it.

Home office
I am sitting here on a Sunday. As you can see I'm organized, I have my space heater, blanket, trash, Ben's computer (because for some reason mine won't print what I need it to)

I am grateful for a good week.

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