October 29, 2010

post wedding post

Sooo....we got married. And it was AMAZING!

The week of the wedding was so smooth. I was quite organized but still wished I had a "wedding planner" or someone else other than myself who knew what was going on - or to just do stuff, or to REMEMBER to do stuff... so I did a lot of bossing around.

My photog was amazing! I've only received a few photos,and I"m sure you have all seen these on facebook... but still. They are beautiful!

The entire day was absolutely a dream! I felt on cloud 9! And really, who doesn't love to have a day based all around them and their sweetheart?

As soon as I have more pics - I will be posting them for all to see.

The wedding/reception was 4 hours, so we had some wonderful time to relax and enjoy our guests. Later in the evening before the sun went down I got a wild hair and we decided to do a trash the dress. I always wanted to do one and Brooke was totally on board!

We had a combined bachelorette/bachelor party at the drag queen show "Lips" soo totally fun!!

The "triplets" as my mom has called us for so many years. I love these girls!!! These girls helped me out so much!! Andrea did bouquettes and make up, Kate did hair and make up and entertained Brooke. They are just absolutely wonderful!

The wonderful Aaron and Kate. I don't know how I didn't get a photo with Aaron, but there has got to be one floating around out there. But he is amazing and helped out with soo much! Bff since 8th grade!

The day of the wedding was pretty relaxed even though my heart was beating super fast the entire day. Maybe that was the love just pound right out. Everything was seriously soo smooth. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day to marry my honey!

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