May 29, 2011

My Mr. is 29!

 He is my sweetie, the light of my life and we had such a wonderful day celebrating!

Yours truly woke up early to get crepes going for the birthday boy to wake up to. One of both of our favorite childhood memories, waking up to pancakes {of some sort} on your birthday. I attempted to make almond flour crepes and they turned out beautifully! I was a little nervous, but the experiment turned out successful.

I needed to go grocery shopping, one of my favorite Saturday activities (really) and he decided to come along with me {unusual}.  So I decided to surprise him by swing by Nordstrom to pick out a pair of Toms that he's been dreaming about. {the first pair he got, we had ordered off line and they were too small}

He went with the lace ups. They are super styling.

We went to Costco and the Mexican market. Not part of the birthday celebration but necessary for the week ahead. He was shopped out and requested to go home to read Harry Potter. He's on book 7 and it is absolutely darling to see his inner child come out when he reads these books. He reads them between semesters, and now has nothing to do until classes start. Well, he has plenty to do with his internship and applying for fall internships...but you know what I mean. Summer classes will start before he knows it.

I needed a pair of toms too {not really} but I took back a pair I hadn't worn that were too big and exchanged for another pair. I had my eye set on the new crocheted ones, but by the time I got back to Nordy's they were sold out. They weren't that morning but the birthday boy couldn't stand the chaos. So I opted for the black sparkly ones. They aren't black crocheted, but they are beauties.

The birthday boy chose The Fish Market for his birthday dinner. Ah-maz-ing meal! We sat on the deck, right on the water, enjoying the sun and passing boats.

Conversations of our life, our future, our relationship, and observing the two drunk men who ordered 7 rounds of bread and beers with their meal. {I was nervous how they were going to get home}
I feel so grateful to call him my husband, and the life we are making together. I'm a lucky girl.

The birthday boy ordered tilapia with mango salsa.
I was jealous at first, until I tasted mine. I knew I had made the right decision.

 I ordered the red snapper with tomatoes and rice. Delicious! I was quite pleased.

The boat we got married on cruised past us. 
It was very sweet and memorable.
Opening his birthday gifts.
A toms sticker {that he already got that morning}
and a picture of the rolling briefcase he wants that we're waiting to get until after
our summer loan money comes in.

Complements of the chef
We enjoyed this incredible chocolate fudge gnosh dessert.
It was really amazing.

 After the wonderful meal, we enjoyed the water and each others company.
Ok maybe I'm getting a little too sappy, but we had a lovely evening.

After dinner we walked through Seaport Village.
We reminisced about the events since his last birthday.
Last year we went to Disneyland for his birthday, we got married, school...
and his classic "Ya know, I don't feel that old. 29 isn't old. I'm healthy, and have my whole life ahead of me"

Then we closed off the night with our favorite activity, cuddling on the couch and watching a show.

Since we had the incredibly rich dessert at dinner, we had the birthday cake the next day.
I made his favorite sweet potato chocolate torte (gluten and sugar free)
Notice the 2 and 9. Cute.

One of my favorite qualities about B is he makes up songs on the spot. It's darling. And he made one up last night as we were walking the boardwalk. I wanted to record him singing it but he couldn't remember it. So this is the one he did on the spot. Not the same one, but it's cute.

Yeah, he's in bed. Oh well.

 He is my joy!
Happy Birthday, my love!

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Kayce said...

You're so cute. It hurts my heart that I've never met Ben! I love him by default =)

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Ben! Loved your song! I'll be expecting one on my birthday ;) haha