May 31, 2011


I'm thinking I'll get a Masters.

We'll see how long that lasts but I'm thinking that is the next step for me.
I've been so baby hungry {and still am, don't get me wrong} but I feel like that getting a masters is the next step.

I was chatting with a girl in one of my classes who said you can get through the Social Work program in a year. It might kill you, but you can do it. Maybe I'll push for 2 years so I don't die.

That's for today anyway.

3 blurbs:

Brandon and Amanda Brady said...

Do it Julia!! It would be an awesome achievement. But then again, a baby is an awesome achievement too. If you can do both I say, why not?!

Ashley said...

Sometimes I think that I'd like to get a masters. I'm actually 1/3 of the way there. If it weren't for the little man, I totally would. Motherhood is amazing, and I would highly recommend it, but it does change some of your other options in life. I'd also recommend living, so if that means two years for the Social Work program, go for two years. :)

tkat said...

i think you can do it all have a baby and get a masters. I did not know you are getting a masters in SW. Brandon is doing the prereqs right now to be able to apply places. Good luck