November 22, 2011

Pinning girl

Tuesday nights have turned into my DIY pinning party. Ben works late and I have been at school all day and I'm studied I do projects from my new found love affair of Pintrest. This site is amazing and has opened up my creativity in a whole new light. I didn't even know I was creative.
Yes, these are all cell phone self portraits because the Hubs is never home when I'm crafting.

That is, until I attempted to make my own stuffed animals for the BFF's new baby boy.

I started with the animals and then gained my confidence and made the airplane.
All hand drawn.
They are unfinished here but they turned out pretty darn cute.

Then I decided to make a shirt from this tutorial,
after finding the same shirt I already had, on sale for $4 at Target.

 I think it's darling and it was really fun!

Then one evening I decided to try out the twisted flowers.
They are time consuming so I stopped at 3 and couldn't figure out what to put them on.
Why not an ear warmer I already had?

Perfect for my BFF New York City trip over New Years!

And tonight's project is from here.
Over sized man's shirt vamped into new and improved off the shoulder cuteness.

I learned the hard way that it's difficult to fit to your own body when you're
the only one at home. Chip clip to the rescue!

 Please excuse that I'm in the bathroom.
It has the best lighting at night when there isn't any natural light.

I'm in love.

I'm very proud of my ruffliage. 

I may add some flower along the neck. What do you think?
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Next project is going to be a skirt. Like this one...or this one... Now to find some stripped fabric!

3 blurbs:

Brianne said...

Love it! Pinterest is the greatest invention on the internet like ever.

Andrea said...

I love all these things!! I hadn't seen the shirt. soooooo cute. You were a pinterest queen!!

kenna said...

soooo maybe one day i can pay you to make a cool little something for boog? that airplane is adorable.