November 1, 2011

I only seem to blog when I feel profound or poetic

The past few weeks (maybe months) have been hectic and rough for us. Hence the lack of blogging. I feel like we live such mundane lives that only consist of going to school, going to work, studying and sleeping. And who really wants to read about me complaining about school? Well I guess if you want to, here it goes. This semester kind of stinks. I kind of hate most of my classes, I feel like I'm putting in tons of effort and not getting much benefit in the grades department, therefore I'm feeling frustrated and discouraged. And when I'm stressed, everything goes to kaput. I don't eat as well, I rarely exercise (or think I don't have the time), and I'm slightly cranky.

And then I went to Vegas for work, which was fun and exciting to connect with the people I work with (I work remotely), but another thing to juggle with everything else.

And then I had a profound moment while in Vegas. I was side busting on one of my favorite motivational/health speakers who speaks at all of our work conventions, Dr. Roland Phillips who is a Chiropractor, who has gone to a whole new level (You can find him here) and he was telling someone how basically if you're always living in the future, if you're always thinking "oh once this semester is over, then I'll be able to have fun. Then I'll be able to relax and breath. Then I'll be able to exercise and eat right" then you will always be living in the future and you will never get there. If you think you can't be happy until XYZ happens, then XYZ will come and go and you won't even realize it until it's gone, and you still won't be happy.

It's genius right? It's a no brainier and yet in those month long moments of stress, it seems that nothing will go right, and that life will always be stressful.

Then Dr. Phillips asked the person he was speaking with (because I was side busting right?) to think of one of his proudest moments. For this gentleman it was winning a state championship. Dr. Phillips said to think of that proudest moment, and put it on top of that goal that you're trying to accomplish that is making you stressed. For example, think of graduating from school, feel what it feels like to win that state championship, and duplicate the winning feeling to what it will feel like to graduate from school.

Basically you are creating that moment that hasn't yet happened. You are creating it in the present moment and there is no need to be stressed. This really resonated with me. I'm trying to duplicate this thought process into my daily life, because life sure can get hectic and crazy with everything going on. Which is great, I just can't allow the stress to consume my life. I can do what needs to be done, and still be happy, eat right, exercise, and get good grades.

There you have it, my profound moment.

We are doing well. We are focusing on enjoying this phase of our lives. As stressful or not stressful as it is, I know we'll look back and appreciate what we accomplished.  So I'm enjoying it!

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