February 23, 2012

birthday weekend

My mom and I share birthdays, well, they are 2 days apart. I'm February 20th, and she's the 22nd. So of course our birthday parties are always combined, which I love. This year we had a "birthday weekend" in Long Beach. Full of massages from our Wendy who flew down from Utah, birthday parties, friends, family and amazing food!!

Handsome Men getting pedicures

We went for Greek food and did impersonations
Wendy stretched and massaged us

Delicious birthday wine

Met new friends
And old ones
(I don't remember what face we were making)

Birthday girls with friends, oh and Jane
Jane was definitely present, and had to be right by Mom
Mom and hew new knitting needles,
which were not intended for knitting, but baking.
Regrettably, my mouth was open in every picture taken of me.
The only pic of me and the hubs
Besides this one where Im handing him the trash

My much desired wallet I asked for my birthday
(by asked I mean, I emailed B the link and checked it every 10 minutes until he bought it)
And birthday sweets
(amazing lemon cookies)

We went to the Farmer's Market

And once back in San Diego, we relaxed and went to my
favorite salad place, "Tender Greens".
I have a rule, no making dinner on your birthday.

And every birthday needs frozen yogurt and hot fudge!

And of course they had my favorite flavor.
They knew it was my birthday.

  It was the best birthday every. Every year keeps getting better and better. It's so fun to share it with my mom and have a celebration just for me! My new slogan for this year is "Twenty eight feels great!" so my mom made me this banner.

I feel grateful to be alive. Life keeps getting better and better, and I keep getting younger and healthier.
Thank you to all my friends for the wonderful birthday texts and lovely notes on Facebook!

Love to all!!

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Lianne said...

As I say every year, you were and continue to be the best birthday present ever.

I love you!