February 9, 2012

Dear My Guardian Angels

Dear My Guardian Angels,

Thank you. I come from complete gratitude for the life I have been given. The world that has been given to me is beautiful, my relationships are alive and fulfilling, and my body is healthy and active. Thank you for the awareness to release things that no longer serve me with grace and for the openness to welcome new adventures and relationships into my life.

Thank you for the knowledge I have of health; healthy relationships, healthy body and healthy mind. Balance of health in all areas is very important to me and I’m grateful for this awareness and the opportunity to share it with others. Thank you for my desire to cook healthy foods and learn new ways of nutrition.

Thank you for my talents and aspirations to create beauty all around me. Thank you for friends who guide me to more knowledge and understanding. Friends who teach me about nutrition, art, painting, sewing, cooking, love, girl time, giggling and so much more!

Thank you for my wonderful husband who is my best friend. A man who is smart, follows his dreams and his heart, is incredibly handsome and always knows how to have fun and be silly. He is a man of gentleness   and wisdom. A man who is moldable and teachable, and always open minded. 

Please remind me to always see the good in others and all situations, Please remind me that when things get tough, it's all part of the journey of life, and there is a higher purpose in all. Remind me that I always get to choose how I perceive things, and I'm the creator of all in my life. Please help me to remember to smile and carry the light of joy with me.  Help me to remember to forgive, share what I have, and be open to receiving. 

Thank you for always being near me and protecting me. Thank you for guiding me in all that I do.
Thank you for all that I have.

Much love,

3 blurbs:

Mandolin said...

Much love to you sweetie. Such a beautiful soul you have.

michael morrow said...

thank you jude....I love you..

kenna said...

you are beautiful.