February 1, 2012

Well let's see....

So I've actually received a request to update my blog. I know right? People actually like to hear about my life...I mean I know I have an interesting and fascinating life, but other people think so too? So my dream of becoming a well known blogger could actually become a reality?

Well my life right now. Let's see... My regular life of having wayyy to much on my plate is still the same. In fact, I think I'm addicted to it. When one thing ends, It's like I have to go looking for something else to fill that void. I can't just allow myself to, you know, relax.

I took up an internship at a local clinic because I was considering get a double masters in Public Health and Social Work. Well the internship isn't everything I had hoped and dreamed it would be and I no longer want to go into public health. The social work is still heavily on my mind though.
I had all these hopes and dreams while at the clinic of being able to see people's lives change but the coping, cutting and stapling of papers seems to be getting in the way of that. I'm really trying to make my skills and talents obvious and ripe for the picking without going as far as screaming "FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. I CAN DO MORE THAN CUT AND COPY!" But...well that wouldn't be very professional of an intern who is the same age as her supervisor, now would it? Last week my supervisor had me call some patients to remind them of their appointment the next day and after I finish in about 1/4 of the time anyone else did, my superviser casually mentioned "wow you're really good on the phone" I smiled sweetly as the thought ran through my head "Yeah, I know. I actually do this for a living, have ran my own office and am a very personable and social person" But I sweetly said "Thank you. Is there anyone else you want me to call" with a smile...

So to fill the void that the internship isn't fulfilling, I also took up being a mentor for under privileged high school students. Now this, this is my calling for this semester. I'm so excited I could jump for joy. Oh wait, I did do that this morning during my work out. My jumping jacks had so much more meaning! We go to the high school once a week during their lunch break and there is a presentation and then we break into our small groups and discuss what they thought or felt. My favorite part is that the topics are feminist related. Helping these girls gain more self esteem and knowledge to go onto high school and have a voice. How amazing is that?

And of course, because I like to make things complicated, never mind, it will work out. The mentorship buts up right against my first class at 12:30. So I will be leaving the students early (which I'm really bummed about) to dash over to the school, to try and find parking and run up the 50 flights of stairs to make it to my first class. And to top it all off, the first time we go to the high school, I have my first test seconds later. Love it. But, I can do it. It just adds a nice little dimension.

In other news...Ben is doing great. He's working at the school clinic helping small businesses and nonprofit groups with legal stuff. It's slow moving but he's enjoying it and it will turn into something great. He's graduating in December, which seems like we will wake up tomorrow and it will be here. It's crazy how fast this law school experience has gone. And yet, the sweet boy is so ready to be done.

That boy sure is amazing and the sweetest man I know. I've been really thinking a lot lately how I truly am with the best man. Geez, that's sappy, but it's my blog, and I get to write what I want. And he's amazing. I feel grateful for our relationship and how we both are able to live our independent lives and come together and we pretty much rock.

And on top of all our craziness combined, I'm going to Portland to see the girls and boys the same week Ben is going to UCLA for a law interview thingy, the next week we are going to Long Beach for a combined birthday massage party with my mom (our birthday's are 2 days apart), and I'm having a separate birthday party in SD with some friends the following week. Life is crazy, and yet we're addicted to it. Maybe I shouldn't say we...Ben likes it slow and steady, where I thrive on the busy.
Just the the other day, I knew we had to leave the house in 10 minutes, and I really wanted to hang my new pot/pan holder. So I got out the drill, and hung that bad boy in less than 10 minutes, just to see if I could. Of course I could and it looks amazing and makes it so much easier to find our pots and pans. I cook dinner now just because I get to pull something off the rack.

In other news, my hair is long enough to curl, Ben started working out with a friend once a week and he can't move the rest of the week, I got a stationary bike that I love, he still doesn't come home until 9/10pm at night, I'm addicted to making my own house hold cleaning supplies, and we are BOTH going to Guatemala over Spring Break!

Loves to everyone!

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