February 3, 2012

Friday of L.O.V.E.

I married the best man.

I'll just let the pictures explain...
(and for some reason the pictures are creating their own design. I'm just going with it)

1. date attire
2. our view on the water
3. B checking times
4. sipping my beverage
5. surprise restaurant
6. in love with my tights
7. B's valentine give to me
   that I absolutely love
8. my valentine give to B
9. delicious meal
10. love birds
11. ruffle
12. hand holding at the table

Together 4.5 years. Married 1.5 years.
I couldn't have asked for a better man.
I have the heart of the most gentle, kind, smart and funny man.
I feel blessed that he chose me and we get to spend our lives together.
I fall asleep every night to him scratching my back.
I wake up every morning to his classic phrase "Good morning, beautiful"
(or "Good morning, sweetie" it switches off)
He allows me to travel wherever I want.
And he loves to travel so we get to go to exotic places together.
He appreciates all of my cooking, and will eat anything I try.
He helps with the laundry, and does it 'my nerotic way'.
He never questions or criticizes my ideas, and goes along with every crazy one I have.
(I've dragged him into pretty crazy stuff and he just laughs at me)
He is a male feminist.
He has an amazing head of hair, deep voice, super tall and the funniest man I know.
And he always reminds me how long my hair is getting...

Geez, I picked the right guy!
And he picked the right girl!

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Lianne said...

Ahem... I picked the right guy. You just got with the program.

I adore both of you so very, very much!